EES Army: How to Access Your EES Portal in 2023

Army EES (Army Evaluation System) is the U.S. Army’s evaluation reporting system for officers. It is a web-based application that a web browser can access. The evaluation reporting system for U.S. Army officers represents a significant change in the evaluation of Army officers. The new system is intended to increase rater responsibility and better match the process with Army leadership doctrine.

The new system will be implemented throughout all Army branches, followed by deploying mobile training teams. The new system prioritizes distinct distinctions among senior raters. The latter will review the officer’s performance records and pertinent data.

After you pass the ASVAB for your military occupational specialty (MOS), the U.S. Army Human Resources Command (Army HRC) uses the Army Evaluation Entry System (EES) to help you choose your Army career path.

EES Army Portal Access Guide for US soldier
EES Army Portal Interface

Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) also use the Army EES to enter their Army Officer Evaluation Reports (OERs) and Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Reports (NCOERs), that help them advance in their Army careers.

Many guides and navigational links on the Army portal would be helpful to those entering the Army who have the authorization to access sites from the Department of Defense (DoD).

Climbing the ranks is part of advancing in a soldier’s career. The Army has different professional codes for each position to ensure that the number of leaders is manageable and low.

You may be eligible to advance to E5, but if the quota has already been reached, you will have to wait for a spot to become available. Moreover, you may be eligible, but probably, others are as well.

EES Army plays a vital role in this. As with any other job application, your forms will act as your application. You submit your achievements, skills, and military record via the portal to an evaluation board.

Following selection, you must meet the committee in person, for which you must prepare. Many questions about your skills, qualifications, basic American history, and Army-specific topics will be asked.

There will be an assessment of how one presents themselves—your composure. Even your posture will be examined. It’s up to you to show that you are the best person for the job and to eliminate any remaining doubts.

You should be reassured and encouraged if it takes a while before you can join the Army because of its selective nature and the intensity of these interviews. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

  1. Go to the login page of Army EES at via the Army Human Resources Command website.
  2. Open the EES Evaluation System.
  3. Go through the process of accessing via military CAC Card, as follows:
  • Choose the tab ‘Digital Certificate’ and press ‘OK’.
  • Select the valid and correct CAC card certificate.
  • Wait until you are redirected to the page ‘Terms of Use.’
  • Open the tab of “I agree to the terms of the User Agreement” and press ‘Accept Terms’.


Help Desk of Army ERS and EES via Human Resource Command (HRC) by phone call at 1-888-276-9472 (ARMYHRC).

Alternatively, you can also send an email to


EES Army User Guide

Please download this Army EES Guideline. There are more than 50 pages in this document that guide you step-by-step through the process of submitting your evaluation, including troubleshooting tips. For Soldiers who want to advance while serving our country, the Army EES portal can be an invaluable resource.

EES Army-Users-Guide-2023