How To Access Army Email Login (now ARMY 365 Webmail):

Army Email Login – The Army Email system now ARMY 365 Webmail is a safe and secure email service offered to members of the U.S. Army and other certified users. It permits users to access their email and calendar from any gadget with a web connection, making it a safe and practical method to remain linked while on the go.

army email login
army email login

The Army Email system belongs to the Department of Defense (DoD) Enterprise Email system, a safe and secure email service offered to members of the U.S. armed force, federal government companies, and specialists. Users of the Army Email system will utilize the same login procedures and security procedures as those for DoD Enterprise Email.

To access ARMY 365 Webmail, you must acquire a Common Access Card (CAC) and set up a CAC reader on your equipment. You will likewise require to set up DoD certificates on your gadget and log in to the email system utilizing your CAC PIN and the proper certification. Accessing the Army Email system over a protected connection, such as a Virtual Private Network (VPN), is vital to secure your email and individual details from being obstructed by 3rd parties.

You can only access Army email (Army 365 Webmail and Army 365 Teams) through a web browser (such as Microsoft Edge or Chrome). It is not possible to access it through the MS Outlook or Teams app on personal devices like computers, tablets, or phones. Do not use Internet Explorer for Army email.

To access Army Email Login (now ARMY 365 Webmail):

To access Army email, you will need to have your CAC card and a CAC reader ready. and follow this step:

  1. Connect the CAC reader to your computer and insert your CAC. The computer will recognize the reader and you should hear an audible ding and see an icon in the task bar.
  2. Open your web browser (such as Microsoft Edge or Chrome) and go to  Army 365 Webmail.
  3. Enter your email and select “SIGN IN WITH CAC/PIV.”
  4. When prompted, select the “AUTHENTICATION” certificate
  5. Enter your six-digit PIN for your CAC.

If you have questions or issues with Army email, you can find answers on this link HERE.

Army Email Enterprise Assessment Services Help Desk:

Phone – 1-866-335-2769 Email –

To Access Army Email, do this:

To access Army email, you must have your CAC card and a CAC reader ready. And please Make sure that the reader is plugged in and that your CAC is inserted before you go to the website.

To access Army OWA Webmail, go to If you get a “Certificate error,” “Security error,” or “site not secure error,” you can bypass this and continue to the OWA mail.

If you are still having problem, try switching to a different browser such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Chrome. If that doesn’t work, you can try clearing your cookies and history from the browser (or close the browser and open a fresh browser, not a new tab).