AKO Army (Army Knowledge Offline)

Army Knowledge Offline (AKO) – also known as the Army Knowledge Online, is a web-based portal and information management system used by the United States Army. It provides a range of services to soldiers, including access to email, training and educational resources, news and information, and various other tools and resources. AKO also serves as a platform for soldiers to connect with one another and share information and resources. It is an essential tool for communication and collaboration within the Army.

AKO was first launched in 1990s and has since been updated and expanded to include additional features and services. It is available to all active-duty, reserve, and National Guard soldiers, as well as some civilian employees and contractors.

AKO Army Offline
AKO Army Offline


One of the main features of AKO is its email system, which allows soldiers to communicate with one another and with other government agencies. It also gives you access to a variety of learning tools, such as online courses and training materials.

In addition, AKO Amy offers a variety of tools and services to support soldiers in their work and personal lives. This includes access to news and information, social networking tools, and support for professional development.

Overall, AKO is a valuable resource for soldiers and provides a range of services to support their work and personal lives. It is an important tool for communication and collaboration within the Army.

To access AKO, soldiers must first obtain a Common Access Card (CAC) from their unit’s personnel office. This card is a digital security and identification card that lets you get into AKO and other military systems.

Once a soldier has obtained a CAC, they can log into AKO by visiting the website and entering their CAC credentials. This typically involves entering their CAC PIN and selecting their CAC certificate.

After logging in, soldiers can access the various features and services provided by AKO. This includes email, training and education resources, news and information, and other tools and resources.

In some cases, civilians and contractors may also be able to access AKO with their own CAC credentials. But some users may not be able to get in, depending on their role and level of clearance.

There are a variety of links and resources that can be accessed from AKO, depending on the user’s role and clearance level. Some common links and resources available on AKO include:

  • Email: Soldiers can access their AKO email account from the homepage.
  • Training and education: AKO gives people access to a variety of online courses and training materials, including courses on leadership and professional development.
  • Soldiers can get news and information from a variety of sources, such as military news, weather reports, and health and wellness resources.
  • Social networking: AKO provides access to social networking tools, such as forums and blogs, where soldiers can connect with one another and share information.
  • Professional development: AKO has tools and resources to help soldiers improve their careers, such as career resources and mentoring programs.

Overall, AKO provides a range of links and resources to support soldiers in their work and personal lives. for full list of link you can access on AKO please check the listed link below.

AKO Links 

Army Fit Assessment Status
My Training Tab
My Clothing Record
Army Senior Leadership
Army Publications
IPPS-A Training
My ERB: Enlisted Record Brief
My ORB: Officer Record Brief
My RFO: Request for Orders
Assignment Satisfaction Key
Army Learning Management System (ALMS)
Army Ideas for Invocation (AI2)
Soldier Enhancement Program
Anti-Terrorism Enterprise Portal
Deployment Health Assessment Program
Supply and Maintenance Assistance
Enlisted Promotions
Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions
My Clothing Record
Army e-Learning
Financial Disclosure Management
Trial Defense Service
JAG University
JAG Corps
Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention
Assignment Satisfaction Key
Army Benefits Center
Evaluation Entry System
Weapons Qualification
Army Family and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation
Senior Army Leaders Page
NCO Leader Center for Excellence
Army Career Tracker
DS Login Registration
Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Military Onesource
Defense Travel System
Defense Travel Management System
Army Training and Certification Tracking System (ATC)
Army Training Information System
Digital Training Facility
Mobile Digital Training Facility
Deployed Digital Training Campus
Survivor Outreach Services
Army Housing Online User Services
Army Community Service Staff System
Army Family Readiness Group
Eagle Cash
Medline Plus
Thrift Savings Plan
DOD CAC Reference Center
DISA Anti Virus Home Use
G1 Suicide Prevention
Tricare Dental Readiness
Financial Disclosure Management
Identity Management Portal
Report It Army Accident Reporting System
Travel Risk Planning System (TRIPS)
Risk Management Information System
Army Risk Assessment Program
Ground Risk Assessment Tool
Army Combat Readiness Center